My First Designer Bag: Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM

louis vuitton neverfull gm

After purchasing the Louis Vuitton MM Agenda as my first designer piece, it wasn’t long before I set my sights on a bag.

I knew I wanted something big that I could use for work; it had to be large enough to carry a 15 inch laptop. The Neverfull GM was a no brainer.

Although I like the LV monogram canvas on small leather goods (agenda, 6 ring key holder, trousse toilette) I have never been a massive fan of it on handbags. I much prefer the understated damier ebene print.

I also read that the leather handles are much more hard-wearing than the vachetta on the monogram or damier azur versions. I wanted this bag to be a real work horse that could withstand all weather conditions, I didn’t want to baby it.

I purchased this bag from a seller on a reputable LV Facebook group*. It came with the dust bag and receipt. There was a slight mark on the base of the inside lining, but was in really good condition overall for the price.

I paid Β£360 – these are currently retailing for Β£965.

I’ve used it for work pretty much every single day since I bought it in November 2017. It’s the perfect everything-and-the-kitchen-sink bag. I haven’t been particularly careful with it either and it’s held up fantastically well.

It definitely does get heavy if you pack it full, and the straps can dig into your shoulder quite a bit, but for me that is to be expected when you carry as much as I do.

I would buy this Neverfull a million times over. I’ve used it so much and can’t see that changing any time soon. It’s nothing less than the perfect tote.

*PLEASE NOTE: I’ve been scammed a few times when buying pre-loved items so can’t stress enough how important it is to do your research. Is the seller an active member of the Facebook group? Have they sold to other members? Have you done a reverse image search on google with their photos? Have they written their full name on a piece of paper in each photo? Have you used a third party authentication service to ensure the item is real?

I am thinking about doing a post elaborating on the above and giving hints and tips on buying pre-loved items – let me know if that’s something you would be interested in!

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