Louis Vuitton Classic Speedy 30 in Damier Ebene

Once the Neverfull became my go-to work bag, I felt like I needed something smaller for weekends or just those days when I didn’t need to carry a lot. After asking the ladies on the Facebook groups for their opinions, almost everyone recommended the Speedy.

Like the Neverfull, I knew I wanted to stick with the damier ebene print because of it’s more carefree leather. The next decision to make was the size.

I’d watched lots of YouTube videos comparing the 25, 30 and 35. I felt the middle option would suit me best. I still wanted to be able to carry quite a bit inside it, just not as much as the Neverfull.

I began looking for pre-loved DE Speedy’s and found quite large price differences. I soon realised this was because some of them had the bandoulière strap. I didn’t feel the strap was necessary for me. When I first fell in love with the Speedy it was the classic, top handle structure that I liked, I never once contemplated carrying it cross-body or over my shoulder.

Currently, the classic Speedy 30 retails for £730, and the same size with the bandoulière strap comes in at £965. For me, that’s a massive difference of £235 just for a strap!

I decided to stick with the classic and began hunting for the best deal on the pre-loved market. It wasn’t long before I came across one from 2012 in really good condition. After finding out the seller lived near me, we arranged to do the deal in person (saving on postage costs) and I secured the bag for £325. I was absolutely over the moon!

I find the Speedy to be really versatile. I’ve used it for work (on days when I’m not carrying a laptop), I’ve used it casually on weekends and dressed it up for dinner in the evenings.

I was also extremely surprised by the amount it could fit inside. It’s such a Mary Poppins bag. A typical work day means I carry a lunch box, my MM agenda, full size wallet, 6 ring key holder, cosmetics bag, umbrella and more! It’s huge – although if you pack it full it can get extremely heavy, which I assume is why a lot of people favour the strap.

For me though, it works perfectly. I place it on the crook of my arm or just carry it with the handles. 

I do also use a handbag liner inside, because I prefer the structured look it gives as opposed to the sag. I also like that it provides me with extra organisation and protects the lining of the bag. I’ll be doing a blog post on my favourite liners and where I’ve purchased them from so look out for that!

All in all, I love my Speedy. I’ve even had it hot stamped with my initials because I know it is a forever bag in my collection.

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