My First Vintage Piece: Louis Vuitton Trousse Toilette 23

Reveal: Louis Vuitton Trousse Toilette 23

I’ve gone through countless makeup bags in the past; often really cheap ones that would fall apart all the time. And while it was sometimes enjoyable heading to Primark before every holiday for a new toiletry case, I made the decision to purchase something that would last.

A pre-loved Louis Vuitton was the obvious choice. I did look at some of the ones that are available on the current LV website, but I just prefer the vintage styles more. Most specifically, the Trousse Toilette.

The hardest thing was choosing the size, having not seen them in person I took to Youtube to watch comparison videos. I didn’t want anything too large (as I know I would just stuff it full of things I didn’t need), but I wanted it big enough for all of my daily makeup. Something perfect to take for a night away.

The 19 felt too small – like something you would put in your handbag with only a few bits of makeup in. The 28 seemed too large, enough to fit both makeup and toiletries in for a holiday. The 23 was right in the looked to be the perfect size.

I started looking on the Facebook groups for one. I came across a few, but some were just a bit too worn in for me. After a few weeks another one popped up. It was a little worn (as is always going to be the case with a vintage item), but it was from the year 1989 – my birth year! This seemed to be a sign that I should get it.

I made an offer of £180 and it was accepted. The seller even threw in a dust bag (not the original that came with it, but a vintage one nonetheless).

There’s no denying it is a vintage piece. The hardware isn’t shiny any more, the gold has worn off on the zip pull, and the canvas is a little faded. But I love it for all of those reasons!

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