Louis Vuitton Unboxing: 6 Ring Key Holder

Unboxing: Louis Vuitton 6 Ring Key Holder

I finally got my hands on the Louis Vuitton 6 Ring Key Holder! It was on my wishlist for the longest time and is the only piece in my collection that is brand new direct from the store.

I live in Newcastle and the closest Louis Vuitton store is 100 miles away in Leeds. I happened to be visiting the city one day and took the opportunity to go in “just for a look”. I had no intention of buying anything (does everyone tell themselves that?) until a really friendly sales assistant came over and asked if I’d like any help.

On the off chance, I asked about the key holder, knowing it was out of stock online. She said “yes I think we have one” and went out the back to get it. Part of me thought “oh no” because at that point I knew I definitely wasn’t leaving without it!

The lovely SA even offered to hot stamp it with my initials, and said it would take just 20 minutes. I was over the moon because I’d previously had trouble getting my items hot stamped, often being told they’d have to keep it for a few weeks.

So I decided it had to be mine. I handed over my £160 and left it with her, coming back a short while later to pick it up when it had been personalised.

I love it so much and couldn’t be without it now. It’s the perfect place to store my keys while protecting the inside of my handbags. I also use it as a mini wallet when all I need is my keys and a couple of cards!

Do you have a key holder? Why do you love yours?

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