How I Like To Use And Wear My Luxury Handbags

I absolutely love my small but perfectly formed luxury handbag collection, because I feel it’s really versatile and it covers all bases for what I need. I use each one in a different way, depending on what I’m doing.

Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 in Damier Ebene – I like to call this my Mary Poppins bag. It fits an absolute tonne inside! Of course, if you pack it full to the brim (and with it being the classic Speedy without the bandoulière strap), it can get very heavy. There’s only really two ways to wear this bag, and that’s with the handles on the crook of your arm or simply in your hands. Either way, it looks stunning.

Watch my Speedy video – ‘What’s In My Bag’

Kate Spade Leopard Print Backpack – I knew I wanted a backpack in my collection and when I saw this beauty in the Kate Spade store at York Designer Outlet, I couldn’t hand over my money fast enough! I’m a huge fan of the leopard print. When I use this bag, I alternate between carrying it on my shoulder with just one strap, two straps or holding it in my hand with the little top handle. It all depends if I want/need to be hands-free.

Watch my Kate Spade Backpack reveal video

Louis Vuitton Trousse Toilette 23 – Ok, I know this isn’t technically a bag, and most of the time I do use it for cosmetics. However, every now and then, I like to use it as a clutch. It’s a really great size – it even fits a full size wallet in it. I like how it looks tucked under my arm and it just works great on days when I don’t need to carry everything and the kitchen sink.

Watch my Louis Vuitton Trousse 23 video

Kate Spade Daniels Drive Abigail, Small – This is my only all-black handbag and it’s a perfect everyday style. I particularly love the fact that the top handles stay standing up, and that’s the way I like to carry it most of the time. However, this bag also comes with a detachable and adjustable strap. I tend to use this only if I’ve been carrying the bag for a long time and it’s starting to get a bit heavy or I need to be hands-free.

Watch my Daniels Drive Abigail first impressions video

Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM in Damier Ebene – Last but of course not least is my beloved Neverfull. Obviously, the only way to carry this work-horse bag is on your shoulder, because it’s so huge! I know some people don’t like the GM size but I absolutely love it. It’s my daily bag for work because I take a lot with me, and I couldn’t pick anything better.

Watch my Louis Vuitton Neverfull wear and tear video

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