How I Cleaned The Zip On My Vintage Louis Vuitton Trousse 23

I bought the Louis Vuitton Trousse 23 pre-loved from a seller on Facebook about 9 months ago. I was really impressed with the quality of the item, being a vintage piece from 1989 (the year of my birth!). However, I knew from the offset that it would be worn – I fully expected it to have a bit of an old smell and the hardware to be faded.

That being said, I absolutely love it. I use it as a cosmetics/makeup bag for when I’m travelling or having a night away. I also sometimes use it as a clutch bag – it works great tucked under my arm and fits a surprising amount inside.

From scrolling through Instagram I came across a few people who also owned the trousse bags. They had restored the zips to their former glory using Brasso, which is a metal polish designed to remove tarnishing. You can pick one up from amazon here.

I went to visit my parents for the night and asked if they had something similar (knowing full well that they have EVERYTHING). So I gave it a go!

I grabbed a couple of all-purpose cloths and a handful of cotton buds (or Q-tips), I read that these are really good for getting in between the teeth of the zip. I dipped the end of the cotton bud into the brass polish and started gently rubbing away any tarnishing in between the gaps. This worked to a point, but I soon realised I’d need to use a bit more elbow grease to really lift the stains.

I put on some latex gloves (mainly to protect my fresh gel nails!) and dabbed a little of the polish onto the cloth. It was much easier with the cloth to be a bit more vigorous with the cleaning. Very quickly the hardware started to shine a bit brighter to reveal the gorgeous gold colour. I scrubbed until I was certain I couldn’t get it any cleaner. Once I was satisfied, I took a baby wipe to wash away any of the remaining polish from the zip and the canvas, and voila!

Here are some before and after pictures:

I’m so happy with the results, I think it turned out really great! The once dull and tired hardware is now shiny and bright again, it looks as good as new!

Let me know what you think. And if you’ve got any other tips and tricks for restoring vintage pieces I’d love to hear them.

And just incase you missed it, here the my reveal video of my Trousse 23:

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