I Got A Classic Chanel WOC For My 30th Birthday!

As a self-confessed handbag addict, I wanted something truly special to mark my 30th birthday. I’ve always dreamed of one day owning a Chanel but never thought it would be a reality. To some people (who don’t share my passion for luxury) it’s “just a bag” – but to me it’s a milestone! And a symbol of hard work paying off.

I’m so happy to share it with you. The WOC is technically “pre-loved” because the woman I purchased it from wore it for a total of 4 hours before she decided to sell it.

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I managed to get it for a great price – I paid £1250, they are retailing for approximately £1800 in store in the UK. It is a 21 series from 2015-2016. I wanted to get the caviar leather because it’s more durable, and I felt the gold hardware was much more classy for use on an evening.

To find out more, watch my video:

I’m so over the moon to finally own this bag. It has definitely filled a gap in my collection – a small evening bag that I can not only dress it up on an evening but dress down when I want to carry less. It’s everything I wanted and more and I can say for certain that it will never leave my collection!

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