Top Luxury Picks: Open For Vintage

I am a huge champion of vintage pieces, a sustainability enthusiast and a lover of buying on a budget. Most of my collection is second hand, so I am constantly on the lookout for pre-loved websites selling luxury accessories.

I very rarely come across vintage luxury websites that are based in the UK. For the most part, the Facebook groups I’m part of and the luxury community on Instagram, all favour american consignment websites such as Fashionphile or The Real Real. Though they do ship to the UK, I’d rather not have to wait weeks and weeks for my item to arrive, or pay the customs charges.

One day when I was browsing, I happened to come across a website called Open for Vintage. They were founded in 2015, and stock a real range of the authentic, vintage items from independent sellers. I love that their ethos as a company is to contribute to a more sustainable luxury fashion industry.

Their unique designer pieces come with an authenticity guarantee, which is perfect for peace of mind, as well as a personal shopping service. I’ve looked through the website and picked out some of my favourite pieces below.

Louis Vuitton Sarah Wallet
I’ve always been a large wallet type of person. I like to stuff my purse with all of my cards, cash and receipts. I feel like the Sarah Wallet is one of the best options because it’s still so slim and compact.

Louis Vuitton Cosmetic Pouch
I really want a cosmetics pouch to keep in some daily bits of makeup in my everyday bags. I’m currently using one from Radley London and it’s just not cutting it! I love the half moon shape of this one, and damier ebene is definitely my favourite Louis Vuitton print.

Medium Black Lady Dior
I think the Lady Dior is one of the most sophisticated handbags there is, and it doesn’t get much more classic than black and gold. I love the quilting on this bag in particular, and the bright gold hardware.

Chanel WOC – Black lambskin with silver hardware
Those of you who know my collection will know I recently bought a Chanel WOC in caviar with gold hardware. If I was crazy enough, I might go for a second, but with a change of leather and hardware. I find silver to be a bit more casual, and I’ve heard that the lambskin isn’t as delicate as you think! Plus, its stunning…

Louis Vuitton Trousse Toilette
This is an honourable mention, because I do already own a vintage trousse. Mine is in the size 23 and I find it to be absolutely perfect for a night or two away. However, there are times when I’d like to fit just a little bit more in, usually when I’m going on holiday for a week or so. This is when the size 28 would be perfect!

Have you heard of Open for Vintage before? Are there any pieces you’ve got your eye on? If you live in the UK and know of any other pre-loved websites with a great reputation, let me know!

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