Protecting the Caviar Leather on my Chanel WOC

The Chanel Wallet on Chain is the newest bag in my collection, and the most expensive! For that reason I want to make sure I keep it looking as good as possible, for as long as possible. Therefore, I’ve decided to use some leather protect products to help achieve this.

Someone once said to me “If it’s a leather bag, it’s the same as any skin – it needs moisture to look good!”.

I’ve used Handbag Clinic products on my Louis Vuitton bags before, so I felt at ease using them on my Chanel too. However, I’d always recommend testing them out on a small, unseen area of the bag first. The bottles come with instructions on the back, so the steps are really easy to follow.

It’s recommended that you use a sponge or cloth with the products. I got myself a soft microfibre cloth and cut it into three pieces. The first one I would use for the Liquid Leather Protector, the second for the Leather Protection Cream and the last one to buff everything out.

Step one – Liquid Leather Protector
Shake the bottle well and then spray onto your sponge or cloth. Gently wipe onto the leather in a circular motion, treating one entire panel at a time. Once applied, leave the bag to dry in a clean, dust-free area.

Step two – Leather Protection Cream
Shake the bottle well and pump a little bit of the Protection Cream onto your second piece of cloth or sponge. Again, rub into the leather in a circular motion.

It is advised to apply the Leather Protection Cream sparingly to achieve the best results, so be careful not to use too much, treating one panel of the bag at a time. Leave to dry for 10 minutes.

Step three – buffing out
The final step is to take your last bit of clean cloth or sponge and gently buff over all surfaces of the bag to restore the leathers beautiful lustre.

And that’s it! Three really easy steps to ensuring the leather on my Chanel WOC is protected. If you’re interested in picking up the Handbag Clinic care products, they are really reasonable priced. You can get the Leather Care Kit for just £19.95.

If you’d like to see the video version of this process, please watch the below, and visit my YouTube channel for more videos like this.

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