Louis Vuitton Reveal: His & Hers Compact Wallets

I’ve always thought I was a big wallet kind of girl. I have so many store cards, I hoard receipts “just in case” and keep everything and the kitchen sink inside my purse. I’ve come to realise that I use about 20% of the cards I have, and the rest is just taking up room.

Most store cards these days can be switched for a digital app on your phone, saving space and saving time trying to hunt for the right one inside your wallet. I’ve had many a dirty look from people in a queue behind me while I rifle through my bag looking for a card when the cashier asks!

So finally, I gave in. I emptied my large (but beautiful) Kate Spade purse of the things I didn’t need and went on the hunt for a small, compact wallet. I was in London for the weekend and took the opportunity to browse every store possible!

I dragged my poor boyfriend around the city on my search. We visited Harrods, Selfridges, Dior, Saint Laurent and of course, Louis Vuitton. I tried so many different wallets, narrowing them down as we went. Did I want black, did I want a pop of colour, canvas or leather?

My boyfriend isn’t a luxury lover like myself, but I thought he could get something out of this too. He was using a plain black card holder from Zara, it was bursting at the seams, loose threads and popped stitches everywhere. He had only owned it for a year. As we browsed, I convinced him to look at the men’s wallets. Why use a product that is falling apart and pay to replace it every year when you can own a luxury item that will last you forever?

We both tried lots of different styles and settled on Louis Vuitton (who else?). I know how robust the LV canvas is, so we both felt it was best to go with that. Damier Ebene is my favourite print of them all, and my boyfriend loved the Damier Graphite. He settled on the Neo Porte Cartes card holder, simple, compact and fits everything he needs.

After much debate between the Rosalie Coin Purse and the Zoé Wallet, I went with the Zoé. It’s holds just a little bit more than the Rosalie, and I knew that other people have had problems with the leather button wearing off over time. I preferred the brass button on the Zoé, plus it comes with an amazing pop of coloured leather. The DE canvas comes with either Rose Ballerine (pink) or Coquelicot (red).

I do like the pink but the red would match the inside of my Speedy and Neverfull! So I went for that, and I am so happy I did. It’s the perfect size for me, it has space for a few cards, a zipped section for coins and a wallet for notes – it’s everything I needed and takes up a lot less room in my handbag.

The Sales Assistant offered the hot stamping service to me (something I was quite surprised about, as it was a Saturday afternoon and the Bond Street store was quite busy). But he offered to do it there and then, and I thought, why not? I already have my Speedy, MM Agenda and Key holder hot stamped so I wanted to go for it while I had the chance – I don’t live anywhere near an LV store.

I know a lot of people are dubious about doing this, incase you want to return the item or sell it in future, but I don’t buy my items on a whim. A lot of thought goes into each purchase and I never go into buying something with the intention of selling it one day. For me, they are meant to be forever pieces.

I got my initials hot stamped on the inside and I love it! It makes the wallet even more personal and special. It will always remind me of the trip to London, and the time I convinced my other half to join in on my luxury hobby! I’m hoping he will be just as happy with his purchase as I am.

If that wasn’t enough, the SA presented the wallet to me inside their limited edition Christmas holiday packaging which is STUNNING! Being the end of January, I assumed they stopped using it by now. I’m so happy I managed to get a hold of this bag because the print is amazing, and made the purchase even more special again.

What do you think of our items? Do you own either of them and if so, what are your thoughts and experiences with them?

2 thoughts on “Louis Vuitton Reveal: His & Hers Compact Wallets

  1. I haven’t ever owned or used any Louis Vuitton bags but I’d happily try them out as they look very good.


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