Apple Watch Series 5 in Gold & Straps Haul

While my handbags aren’t getting much use at the moment, there is one accessory that is – my Apple Watch. I’ve recently upgraded from the series 3 to the series 5 and I love some of the new features. I’ve also picked up some new watch straps too!

I chose to go for the ‘gold’ watch face this time, as opposed to black (I actually think Apple’s gold is more of a rose gold though). What I love about the series 5 is it has an edge-to-edge screen, so although the face is still 40mm like my previous one, the screen itself feels bigger.

I chose to go for a pink sport band to come with the watch. I like the rubber bands as I feel they are best for working out/exercise, and are the standard daily strap I go to for comfort and ease. You can see my watch combination here.

I have however picked up a few other straps to switch to when I’m feeling like a change, or if I want to swap for a special occasion.

I picked up this metal watch strap really cheap from eBay when I had my black series 5. I don’t think the silver and gold really goes with my new rose gold face so I’m thinking of getting either the silver and champagne gold or the silver and pink – either one of these will go a lot better with the rose gold.

Because I love my watch so much, I decided to treat myself to a really special strap, one that I’ll wear when I want to feel really dressed up and smart. I went for the Hermes Double Tour in the colour Fauvre. These are very expensive to buy brand new from Apple – I wouldn’t pay that price – but I got this one for a great deal pre-loved.

What I really liked about this is it doubles up as a bracelet aswell as a watch strap. The band loops around twice and crosses over on the back of your wrist. It feels really unique and unlike anything else I’ve seen. The strap is also made with an untreated leather, so it will get softer and darken over time, like the vachetta on my Louis Vuitton bags.

Also from Apple, I’ve picked up the Milanese Loop strap in gold to match my watch face. It is a metal mesh material and is really easy to wear. I love the magnetic closure and it goes with any outfit. This is probably my favourite strap for a daily basis (when I’m doing more than sitting at home or exercising!).

If you’re looking for a smart watch to track your exercise and activity, you can’t go wrong with the Apple Watch. Some of the other features that I like on it are the heart rate monitor, the walkie talkie, the contactless payment, the hue lightbulb functionality, the breathe app and you can even take your own ECGs! I’m really impressed with it and I love the accessories I’ve got for it too.

Do you have one? What do you mainly use it for?

Watch my video review below:

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