Louis Vuitton Handbag Liners/Organisers

Cherry Red liner from Lanillio Liners

I am a huge handbag liner enthusiast. They are now essential for me as I find that they make my handbags much more usable! I’d love to find some more UK based companies that make these, but these are the ones I’ve tried so far…

I knew I wanted a handbag liner for my Louis Vuitton handbag for a few reasons…

To protect the inside of the bag (its an expensive purchase and I don’t want to ruin it with stains!)

To give the bag structure (standing up on its own, as opposed to sagging when it’s put down)

To provide some organisation (using the pockets to separate my items)

I asked for recommendations on various Facebook groups and did some research of my own. The one company that kept coming up was Lanillio Liners.

They have a huge variety of sizes and colours for different handbag styles. I went for the Cherry Red to match the inside of my Neverfull.

It cost ยฃ30.00 plus ยฃ3 shipping. I do find this to be a little expensive for what is essentially a piece of felt with some pockets. However, I wanted to give it a try and decide for myself whether it is worth it.

They have also given me a coupon code to share with my readers for 10% OFF which is amazing! If you’re interested, just use code LUXURYANDLIFE to get a little discount*.

I have used the liner constantly since I bought it. I don’t ever see a reason to take it out. It provides the protection, structure and organisation that I wanted.

The material itself has done quite well, although the felt is bobbling and coming off in some places (see the pockets in the picture above). However, it has been used non-stop for a year and a half.

After having such a good experience with my Neverfull liner, I wanted to get one for my speedy for the same reasons. When I came to purchase one, Lanillio didn’t have any in stock! But I remembered a few other companies that were recommended to me so decided to check them out.

One of them was Handbag Angels. Again, they have a great range of handbag styles and colours available. I knew I wanted red again to match the inside of my bag. The only red they had for the Speedy was scarlett red which is a little bit brighter than the lining of the bag.

It was priced at ยฃ22.00 with free shipping which I thought was much more reasonable. I decided to go for it and when it arrived I was really impressed with the packaging. It was so neatly put together with tissue paper, ribbon and cards.

The two liners are very similar and made of the same felt material. They both come with 4 pockets, however the Handbag Angels one also has a little pocket for a lipstick which is a nice touch.

On the Lanillio website you have the option of adding a pocket for a water bottle. There are a few more additions you can go for with Handbag Angels, such as a bottle holder, key strap and even a zip top (on the Neverfull versions) for extra security.

The main reason for using my Speedy liner is for the structure. I’m not the biggest fan of the saggy look this bag can have when it’s not very full. The fact that it protects the lining of my bag is bonus.

I don’t use the pockets for organisation as much as I do with my Neverfull. That’s mainly because the opening of the Speedy is a bit more restrictive compared to a very open tote. It’s easier for my to just throw things in here and not use the pockets.

Overall, I’m a huge fan of a handbag liner. I fell they will make my bags last longer by keeping them structured and clean.

I’ve since purchased another couple of liners from Handbag Angels, I now have 4 in total. Check them all out in the video below:

*I am an affiliate for Lanillio Liners. It doesn’t cost you any extra if you use my discount code but I will earn a small commission as a reward for making a sale.

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