Luxury Products for Thinning Hair – Monpure (Gifted)

I’ve noticed my hair gradually thinning for a little while now, especially around my fringe and parting. It’s not hugely noticeable to other people, but it is to me. I don’t know if its just because I’m getting older (I’m in my 30s now!) or if its a result of years and years of hair dye and straightening. Either way, I’m pledging to take better care of my hair and have been looking for products to help.

I’ve tried all kinds of hair masks and treatments to try and rebuild my split, coarse hair. Olaplex is a brand that kept coming up time and time again, and while it looks great for rebuilding the hair, it’s not necessarily focused on thinning, so I wanted something a little more specific.

A company called Monpure got in touch and offered to send me some of their products to try. I visited the website and remember thinking that this is exactly what I’ve been looking for! It was the first time I’ve ever come across hair products that focus on the health of the scalp, aswell as the hair itself.

After reading more about their values and their commitment to being eco-friendly and sustainable, I knew it was a perfect fit. I couldn’t wait to test the products and see how they worked for me. They offered to send me their Great Lengths Regime kit, which contains four products in total. Read more about them below and my thoughts on each one after my first couple of uses.

Clarifying Scalp Scrub

The Clarifying Scalp Scrub combats flaky dead skin and rejuvenates the scalp-skin with healing shea butter and argan oil. Monpure states that, as with the skin on your face, your scalp has its fair share of dirt and debris, too. But with your hair covering it, it can easily build up causing irritation. The idea is that a clean and healthy scalp provides a much better environment for hair growth.

My initial thoughts: I expected this to be quite abrasive like a normal exfoliating scrub, but after scooping out a small amount, I noticed that this wasn’t the case. I actually couldn’t really feel the small beads until I started massaging the scrub into my scalp. It feels really gentle on the skin and has a nice cooling sensation to it. My only issue is that I felt myself wanting to use more! I wanted to work it really deep into my entire scalp but was wary of using too much.

Strengthening Silk Protein Shampoo

After applying the scrub, the directions say to rinse with the Strengthening Silk Protein Shampoo. Like the scrub, the shampoo aims to effectively lift away dirt and debris without stripping the scalp and hair of moisture. It uses coconut-derived cleansing agents that are of 100% natural origin, together with hydrating aloe vera and strengthening vegan silk peptides as well as keratin to help fortify frail strands.

My initial thoughts: The directions say to use a walnut sized amount (or slightly more for longer, thicker hair). My first impression was that it smelled nice, but I didn’t feel the product went very far, and I only have shoulder length hair. It also didn’t foam up like a normal shampoo, so I found myself having to use a bit more to ensure it covered my hair and scalp. I rinsed, and had a second go. This time, the shampoo seemed like it went a bit further and foamed a tiny bit (perhaps it glides on better once the hair is clean?). I rinsed again and noticed my hair feeling quite ‘stiff’ – it felt very hard to run my fingers through, but I knew this meant the product had covered and cleaned the entire hair. I hoped the conditioner was going to make it more silky.

Strengthening Essence-Conditioner

The Strengthening Essence-Conditioner is an ultra-lightweight conditioning β€˜essence’ to soothe and hydrate the scalp-skin and strands, locking in moisture without feeling greasy or weighing the hair down. Unlike most conditioners which tell you to apply from the mid-lengths to the ends of the hair, this one tells you to massage into the scalp, too. It aims to treat and nourish the scalp-skin and strands, without feeling heavy or leaving the hair looking flat.

My initial thoughts: When I first opened the bottle I noticed the conditioner was quite runny/watery compared to my usual conditioners. Similar to the shampoo, I felt like I needed a lot more than a walnut-sized amount (then again, I do normally use a huge dollop of conditioner to try and stop my hair being so dry, so this was an adjustment). It glided over the hair much more easily than the shampoo, and it felt great massaging it into my scalp. I felt like I needed to use one application on the top of my head/scalp, and then another for the bottom. The directions said to rinse with cold water for added shine, so I did. And I’m happy to say, once dry, it did look a lot more shiny than usual!

Follicle Boost Hair Density Serum

The Follicle Boost Hair Density Serum works to stimulate the scalp, improve cell turnover and prevent hair loss and thinning – this is the product I was really interested in. Special pumpkin seed extract and castor oil work to stimulate the scalp, while exfoliating retinol and lactic acid work to remove dead skin and debris that often inhibit hair growth. The directions say to apply to a clean, dry or towel-dried scalp, parting the hairline in five or more sections and using the dropper to apply two or three drops per section and massage in.

My initial thoughts: I’ve only used this on towel-dried hair after washing it – I try not to wash my hair too much so that means I’ve only been applying this every 2-3 days. The directions say to apply every day as part of your normal skincare routine, but my hair isn’t clean every day… Anyway, because the majority of my thinning is at the front of my hair (around my fringe and parting), that’s where I’ve been putting it mostly. I think the first time I used it I applied it a bit too much as even though it didn’t feel greasy, it looked it (with hair strands clinging together making my thinning fringe look even worse). However, I applied it a bit more sparingly the second time, in different sections around my head. I’m going to increase the amount I use this and will report back!

Overall I’m happy with the products. I can’t give any in-depth feedback yet on the changes to my actual hair in terms of thinning as I’ve only used them a few times. However, I do have a very sensitive scalp, (and often get red spots/bumps that I think could be folliculitis), but after just a couple of uses it already feels much softer. I’m looking forward to seeing if my scalp continues to improve, and if so, I imagine my hair will too.

I’ll upload another post when I’ve used them a bit more. I should also add that I’m trying my best to dramatically reduce the amount of heat I use on my hair too (I’m working from home and not really going anywhere so I’m finding it much easier not to straighten or curl it!).

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