Luxury Products for Thinning Hair – Monpure (Gifted)

I’ve noticed my hair gradually thinning for a little while now, especially around my fringe and parting. It’s not hugely noticeable to other people, but it is to me. I don’t know if its just because I’m getting older (I’m in my 30s now!) or if its a result of years and years of hair dye and straightening. Either way, I’m pledging to take better care of my hair and have been looking for products to help.

Luxury Beauty Haul – Hourglass & Free Liberty Gift worth Β£400!

I treated myself to some new makeup from Hourglass. When putting in my order with my friend Andrew (who works at Hourglass in Liberty) he told me my purchase qualifies for the free Liberty Beauty Gift with Purchase – worth over Β£398!