H&M Spring/Summer Haul

I felt like I needed to make some little updates to my wardrobe as I was feeling quite uninspired! Although I’ve called this a Spring/Summer haul – there are no bikinis or sandals or anything too Spring/Summer. There’s jeans and basics but all things I really needed (to stop me just going for the tracksuit bottoms to work from home).

What’s In My Bag – Kate Spade Daniels Drive Abigail Small

The Kate Spade Daniels Drive Abigail is the bag I reach for when I want a black bag, big enough for everyday essentials but not too big. If is so versatile and robust, I couldn’t be without it. Take a look at what fits inside…

Protecting the Caviar Leather on my Chanel WOC

The Chanel Wallet on Chain is the newest bag in my collection, and the most expensive! For that reason I want to make sure I keep it looking as good as possible, for as long as possible. Therefore, I’ve decided to use some leather protect products to help achieve this.